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cas 124-07-2
Octanoic acid CAS 124-07-2

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Product name      Octanoic acid
Synonyms            Caprylic acid; N-Caprylic acid;C8; 1-Heptanecarboxylic acid; 1-octanoic acid
CAS No.               124-07-2
EINECS                204-677-5
M.F.                     C8H16O2
M.W.                   144.21


Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

- Melting Point: 16℃
- Boiling Point: 237 ℃
- Density: 0.91 g/mL at 25℃
- Vapour Density: 5 (vs air)
- Vapour Pressure: 1mm Hg ( 78℃)
- Refractive Index: n20/D 1.428 (lit.)
- Flashing Point: >230℉
- Water solubility: 0.68 g/L (20℃)


Appearance                    Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

Odor                              Stimulating odor, after diluted fruit aromal
Assay                             ≥99.0%
Refractive Index (20℃)   1.4280
Relative Density(25℃)     0.9100 ~ 0.9130
Heavy metal (Pb)            ≤0.001%
Acid value                      382-390 mgKOH/g
Saponification value        384-390 mgKOH/g


1) Mainly used for flavors & essences; GB2760-96 rules to allow the use of edible spices; also used as Cheese bread preservative.

2) Used in the production of esters used in perfumery and also in the manufacture of dyes;
3) Used in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical industry;
4) Also used as insecticide, fungicide, anti-rust agent, corrosion inhibitor, foaming agent, antifoaming agents, etc.

180kgs/plastic drumx80drums=14.4 tons/1x20' FCL

190kgs/plastic drumx80drums=15.2tons/1x20' FCL

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      Octanoic acid CAS 124-07-2
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