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Nicotinamide powder ( Feed grade & Pharma grade )
  • CAS No.:

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  • Quality Standard:

    Feed, Pharma, Cosmetic
  • Packing:

    25kg/fiber drum
  • Mininmum Order:

  • Technical Data Sheet: TDS Nicotinamide.pdf

    Safety Date Sheet: MSDS Nicotinamide.pdf

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Nicotinamide exists in white crystalline powder, odorless or nearly odorless, bitter in taste, freely soluble in water or ethanol, dissolvable in glycerin. As a part of Vitamin B, Nicotinamide participates metabolism in the body and can be used to prevent pellagra or other niacin defection disease.



Appearance                     White crystalline powder

Assay, %                         98.5-101.5

Melting range, ℃             128-131
Loss on drying ,%           ≤0.5
Residue on ignition, %    ≤0.1
Heavy metals,%              ≤0.003



Feed additives

* Preventing the skin diseases and the diseases of alimentary canal

* Promoting animal's growth, improving egg yield and hatching rates, ensuring good feathers.
* Cure for mucosal inflammation and ulcers.

* Preventing perosis of animals.

Food additives and medicine

* Preventing skin disease and diseases of alimentary canal, such as pellagra,dermatitis,black-tongue,vomiting and diarrhea etc.
* Promoting substance and energy's metabolism in body, promoting body's growth in normal..

* Cooperating with other medicine used to treat various mucosal inflammation and ulcers.

Daily cosmetics

- Anti-wrinkle effect.

- Used in Shampoo & Conditioner it has effect on stimulating hair follicle

- Removing the dark circles around eyes.



25kg/drum,or as per customer's requirement

This is classified as a Common Good for transport.

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      Nicotinamide powder ( Feed grade & Pharma grade )
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