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Marigold oleoresin suppliers
Marigold oleoresin
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    200kg/steel drum.
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Marigold Oleores CAS 127-40-2 is obtained from the flowers of the marigold plant,Tagetes patula Linne, Tagetes erecta Linne,or their interspecific hybrids.

Main composion:  It mainly consists of lutein ester.

Appearace:          Dark brown liquid or solid.
Hue:                    Orange yellow, the hue doesn’t varies with the solution’s PH.
Solubility:            Easily dissolves in hexane and other fat solvents, but not in water.
Stability:              The pigment’s resistance to heat is good but to light is bad.


Appearance                                  Dark brown wax-like solid
Xanthophylls content, g/kg          ≥160
Trans-lutein                                 ≥80%
Solvent remains(N_hexane)        ≤200 ppm
Heavy Metal                                 ≤20 ppm
Lead(as Pb)                                 ≤2ppm
Arsenic(As)                               ≤2ppm
Ve                                                ≥1‰
Microbiological Detection
Total Plate Count                         ≤1000cfu/gm
Total Number of Fungi and Mold  ≤100cfu/gm
Salmonella Bacterium                   None
E.Coil                                            None


Mostly used to refine Xanthophylls.

- It is can be used in all kinds of food and feed.In foods, such as drink, cake, candy, biscuit and jams.


200kg/steel drum.

Drums dimensions:diameter 561mm,height 935mm.


Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.

Avoid strong vibration, insolation, high temperature, smoke and fire.
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      Marigold oleoresin
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