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Magnesium DL-Aspartate suppliers
Magnesium DL-Aspartate
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    98.0 -102.0%
  • Packing:

    25kg/fiber drum
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Product Name:                  Magnesium DL-Aspartate
Synonyms:                        Magnesium aspartate tetrahydrate
CAS No.:                           7018-07-7
Molecular Formula:           C8H12MgN2O8.4H2O
Molecular Weight:            227.45



Appearance                     White crystalline powder
PH 5 % Solution              5.5–7.5
Water KF                         18.0-22.0%
Specific Rotation             -0.3°~ +0.3°
Ammonium (NH4)            ≤200ppm
Heavy Metals (Pb)           ≤10ppm
Arsenic                            ≤2ppm
Assay (Acid Aspartic)       69.4–75.1%
Assay (Magnesium)         6.3–7.0%
Iron (Fe)                         ≤30ppm
Sulfate (SO4)                 ≤100ppm
Assay on drying              98.0–102.0%
Chloride                          ≤100ppm


Nutritional supplements, added to a variety of refreshing beverages.

Also used for ammonia antidote, liver function, promoting agent, fatigue recovery agent.


25kg/fiber drum

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      Magnesium DL-Aspartate
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