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Kojic dipalmitate

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Kojic dipalmitate CAS CAS 79725-98-7 is more efficacious than kojic acid in inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase present in human skin so as to inhibit the melanin formation and produce excellent effects in whitening skin and in anti-suntan. Kojic acid dipalmitate is oil soluble and is more easily absorbed into skin when it is incorporated into a cream as compared with kojic acid.


Appearance                                      White sheet crystals
Assay                                               ≥98.0%
Loss on drying                                 ≤0.5%
Ignition residue                               ≤0.5%
Color reaction of ferricchloride         Negative
Heavy metal                                     ≤10 ppm
Arsenic                                             ≤2 ppm

Pathogen Bacteria                           ≤300cfu/g


Kojic Acid dipalmitate is widely used in whiten cosmetic applied as a skin lightening agent due to its potential to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is necessary for the synthesis of melanin, which offers skin its coloring.

Kojic Acid dipalmitate also has antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant attributes. It can protect against fruits from turning brown and is also applied to preserve the pink and red shade of seafood.

Kojic Acid dipalmitate can also be used in antibiotic synthetic intermediate products, agriculture plant tutelage and chemical reagent,ect.


25kg/fiber drum

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