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Hydrolyzed keratin powder
Hydrolyzed keratin powder for hair treatment & Skin moisturizing
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What is Keratin hydrolyzed & its function? Keratin hydrolyzed exists in light yellow powder, having moisturizing benefits for both hair and skin. It is often used as cosmetic materials. It is used in shampoo, conditioner, treatment (hair), leave-in, styling, body wash, body lotion, treatment (body), cleanser, toner, facial moisturizer, treatment (face), makeup foundation, mascara, lipstick, color cosmetics.


Appearance                            Light yellow powder

Protein                                    85.0%
pH (5% water solution)           4.5 ~ 6.5
Moisture                                6.0%
Total plate count                     1000 cfu/g
Coliforms                                30 MPN/100g
Pathogens                              Negative
Pb                                          1.0 mg/Kg
H g                                         0.5 mg/Kg
As                                          0.5 mg/Kg


Skin Care

This product applied on the human skin is with the function of moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, adding nutrition,which is used fr the raw material of high quality mask, moisturizer and cleanser ,can also be used for shampoo and hair care products, bath liquid and so on.

Medicines and Health Products
This product can improve body metabolism, immune function, inhibit cancer cells, activated cells.it has significant function in delaying the human aging, preventing osteoporosis.


This product can be added to bread, cakes and various snacks, improve food nutrition structure, especially for children and the elderly digestion and absorption.

Dairy products

This product can be widely used in milk drinks, fresh milk, yogurt and other liquid dairy products .have the function of anti-whey precipitation, emulsion stability


This product can be added to a variety of beverages to make high-energy drinks, play a complementary role in the supplemental energy and body building


12.5kg/drum, 4.5MT/fcl

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      Hydrolyzed keratin powder for hair treatment & Skin moisturizing
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