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CAS 101-83-7 Dicyclohexylamine
High purity 99% Dicyclohexylamine DCHA CAS 101-83-7
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    Industry grade,Agricultural grade
  • Packing:

    170kg/iron drum
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Dicyklohexylamin (DCHA) CAS 101-83-7 is a colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid, melting point -2 ,boiling point 256 ,density 0.912 g/mL at 20 °C(lit.),stable. Incompatible with strong acids, strong oxidizing agents. Dicyclohexylamine is a secondary amine with the chemical formula HN(C6H11)2, It has a fishy odor, typical for amines. It is sparingly soluble in water. As an amine, it is an organic base and useful precursor to other chemicals, Widely used in organic synthesis, also used as a pesticide, acidic gas absorption agent and steel rust inhibitor.

Specification of Dicyklohexylamin(DCHA)

Appearance                    Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid
DCHA %                           ≥ 99.0
Aniline%                          ≤ 0.2 
Cyclohexylamine %         ≤ 0.1 
Cyclohexane %               ≤ 0.1 
Cyclohexanol %              ≤ 0.1 
Moisture%                      ≤ 0.2 
Chroma HZ                     ≤ 30 

Application of Dicyklohexylamin(DCHA)

1) Industry grade: Dicyklohexylamin(DCHA) can is an organic synthetic intermediate, can be used for the preparation of dyes with intermediate, rubber accelerator, the nitro fiber paint, catalysts, preservatives, vapor phase inhibitor and fuel additives, etc..

2) Agricultural grade: Dicyklohexylamin(DCHA) can be used as insecticides and pesticides


170kg/iron drum

Store in a ventilated, dry,and cool place, separate from oxidizing agent and acid
UN NO. 2565 8/PG 3

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      High purity 99% Dicyclohexylamine DCHA CAS 101-83-7
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