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Hexanoic acid
Hexanoic acid CAS 142-62-1
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    99% min
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Hexanoic acid CAS 142-62-1 is colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid. Cheese aroma & Sweat smell. Soluble in methanol, diethyl ether. Partially soluble in cold water. It is a fatty acid found naturally in various animal fats and oils, and is one of the chemicals that give the decomposing fleshy seed coat of the ginkgo its characteristic unpleasant odor. It is also one of the components of vanilla. The primary use of hexanoic acid is in the manufacture of its esters for artificial flavors, and in the manufacture of hexyl derivatives, such as hexylphenols.



Assay (By GLC)                ≥99.0%
Refractive Index (20℃)    1.415~1.418
Relative Density (25℃)     0.923 - 0.928g/cm3
Boiling Range                 ≥95.0%



1) Mainly used for dispensing caproate as flavouring agent.

2) Mainly used in cheese, butter and fruit flavor.
3) In pharmaceutical industry, has been used in the preparation of resorcinol.
4) Used for spices, lubricating oil thickener, rubber processing chemicals, varnish driers agent.

5) One of the important aroma components of wine and for the preparation of various types of food flavor, also can be used as raw material synthetic fragrances. Increase the concentration of the acid liquor,adding an appropriate amount to improve the quality of liquor, eliminate complex flavor, add a strong sense of liquor, so after taste wine cellar outstanding.


180kg per blue plastic drum;

Total 14.4MT per 20ft container on pallets(without pallets)


Keep in a cool and dry place. Ground all equipment containing material. Corrosive materials should be stored in a separate safety storage cabinet or room.

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      Hexanoic acid CAS 142-62-1
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