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GDL(Delta-Gluconolactone CAS 90-80-2), white crystalline powder, almost odorless, freely soluble in water(60g/ml),has a slightly sweet taste, then sour, sparingly soluble in ethyl alcohol (1g/100ml),almost insoluble ether.

Physical Properties

Appearance and Odor:  White crystalline powder

Melting Point:                150---154℃


Description                          Fine, White, practically odorless,Crystalline power.

Solubility                             Free soluble in water
Identification                       Crystals of phenylhydrazide of gluconic acid melt between 195℃ to 200℃
Melting range                      About 160℃
Heavy metals                      Not more than 20 ppm
Reducing substance            Not more than 16.1ml of 0.1 N sodium thiosulfate is consumed
Assay                                  It contains not less than 99.0% and not more than 101.0% of C6H10O6
Lead(Pb)                            ≤2ppm
As                                       ≤10ppm
Sulphate Ash                      ≤0.1%
Particle size                        20---80mesh


GDL (delta-Gluconolactone CAS 90-80-2) is a multifunctional excellent food additive, and mainly used as protein coagulant, sour agent, swelling agent, preservative, flavoring agent, chelating agent, color retention agent etc. It is widely used in food, commodity chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics and resin modifying, electroplating, polishing, metal cleaning, organic synthesis and other aspects.


In 25kg/bag or upon clients' request.

20mt per 20GP container.

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