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  • Sodium benzoate powder

    Sodium benzoate CAS 532-32-1

    TNJ Chemical is the top supplier of Sodium benzoate from China for more than 15 year. The main function of Sodium benzoate is used as a food preservative, also used in medicine, dyes, etc.If you want to know more,please contact sales22@tnjchem.com 

  • Calcium acetate

    Calcium acetate powder food grade CAS 62-54-4

    Calcium acetate CAS 62-54-4 is white crystalline particle or crystalline powder, with slightly propionic acid odor. Stable to heat and light, easily soluble in water. Calcium acetate can be used in bread, cookie, cheese and other foods as preservative, as antiseptic in feed industry, and mineral additive. It can also used in pharma and feed industry.

  • Sodium metabisulphite food grade

    Sodium metabisulfite CAS 7681-57-4

    Sodium metabisulfite CAS 7681-57-4 or sodium pyrosulfite (sodium metabisulphite or sodium pyrosulphite) is an inorganic compound of chemical formula Na2S2O5. The substance is sometimes referred to as disodium (metabisulfite). It is used as a disinfectant, antioxidant and preservative agent. Sodium metabisulfite is white or light-yellow crystalline powder, smell of SO2. 

  • Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

    Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate CAS 144-55-8

    Sodium Bicarbonate CAS 144-55-8 is widely accepted as safe food additive in many countries with E number E500.  Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. Since it has long been known and is widely used, the salt has many related names such as baking soda, bread soda, cooking soda, and bicarbonate of soda.

  • Ammonium Bicarbonate

    Ammonium Bicarbonate CAS 1066-33-7

    Ammonium Bicarbonate CAS 1066-33-7 is a inorganic compound manufactured through chemical synthesis, available as White crystals or crystalline powder. Ammonium Bicarbonate is widely used as raising agent as it produces more gas than sodium bicarbonate without leaving any salty or soapy taste.

  • Nisin

    Nisin CAS 1414-45-5

    Nisin CAS 1414-45-5 is light brown powder, used as a food preservative. With other preservatives of anti-corrosion system, Nisin can effectively protect the food from microbial destruction. It is widely used in meat products, dairy products, etc.

  • Natamycin

    Natamycin CAS 7681-93-8

    Natamycin CAS 7681-93-8, known as Pimaricin, is a white to yellow flavourless, odourless crystalline powder. It not only inhibits the growth of different moulds and yeasts, but also inhibits the production of their toxin.The solubility of Natamycin is very low in water and in most organic solvents.

  • Pyrogallol

    Pyrogallol CAS 87-66-1

    Pyrogallol CAS 87-66-1 is odorless white powdler, and used to analyze and determine oxygen, food etc. One can find its uses in hair dying, dying of suturing materials and for oxygen absorption in gas analysis. It also has antiseptic properties. 

  • Inositol

    Inositol CAS 87-89-8

    Inositol (CAS 87-89-8) is a white crystalline powder,odorless,sweet taste.Slightly soluble in alcohol, glacial acetic acid, ethylene glycol and glycerin, insoluble in ethyl ether, acetone and chloroform.Stability in the air, are stable to heat, acid and alkali, but easy to moisture absorption.

  • Arachidonic acid

    Arachidonic acid CAS 506-32-1

    Arachidonic acid ARA CAS 506-32-1 is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. It is structurally related to the saturated arachidic acid found in peanut oil .Like other omega-6 fatty acids, arachidonic acid is essential to your health. Omega-6 fatty acids help maintain your brain function and regulate growth.

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