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Ethylparaben as preservatives for food & cosmetics

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Ethyl Paraben, also known as ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate CAS 120-47-8, is colorless crystals or white crystalline powder, tastes slightly bitter and astringent. It's mainly used as antiseptics in foodstuff, medicine and cosmetics. It is also used in feed as antiseptics. Melting point  114-117 °C(lit.), Boiling point 297-298 °C(lit.); Flash point 297-298°C.

Specification of Ethyl paraben

Appearance                   White crystalline powder complies
Purity (on dry base)      99-100.5% 
Melting point                 115-118°C
Sulphated ash               ≤0.05 %
Acidity (mlNaOH0.1M)    ≤0.1 
Loss on drying               ≤0.5% 
Residue                         ≤0.10 %
Arsenic                          ≤1.0 ppm
Heavy metals (Pb)        ≤10 ppm
Mercury                         <1 0.02mg/kg
lead                              <5 0.09mg/kg

Application of Ethylparaben

1) Be used as an antimicrobial

2) Use in medical ,bronchodilator, tocolytic

3) It is used as preservative in foods, beverages and cosmetics.



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      Ethylparaben as preservatives for food & cosmetics
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