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Epoxidized soya bean oil suppliers
Epoxidized soya bean oil
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    200kg/iron drum
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Epoxidized soya bean oil CAS 8013-07-8 is light yellow thick oily liquid At normal temperature. It will be solidified when temperature is under 5 solubility of water in this product: 0.55% (25C), soluble in hydrocarbon, ketone, esters, higher alcohols,slightly soluble in ethanol It's the most widely-used epoxide plasticizor and stabilizing agent of polyvinyl chloride.



Appearance                  Transparent light yellow oily liquid
Luster,(Pt-Co)               180Max
Epoxide number,%        6.0Min
Iodine number,%          6.0Max
Acidity,mgKOH/g            0.50Max
Flash point,C                 280Min
Density,(20C)/(g/cm3)   0.988--0.998
Loss on heating, %       0.30Max



Epoxidized soya bean oil can be used in all the products of polyvinyl chloride, such as all kinds of food package materials, medical products, different kinds of films, sheet materials, tubing, sealing strip of refrigerator, artificial leather , plastic wallpaper, electrical wires and cables and other plastic products for everyday use.It also can be used as special printing ink and liquid composite stabilizer.



200kg/drum, 80drum/20''container

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