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Dimethyl disulfide
Dimethyl disulfide DMDS CAS 624-92-0

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Dimethyl disulfide DMDS CAS 624-92-0 is an organic chemical compound with the molecular formula CH3SSCH3 which is the simplest disulfide. It is a flammable liquid with an unpleasant, garlic-like odor. Colorless to slight yellow liquid,melting point -85℃. 



Content                   99.5% min
water                      0.1% max
Dimethyl sulfide       0.1% max
Methyl mercaptan    0.05% max
Sulphur content       68.1%



- DMDS is used as a food additive in onion, garlic, cheese, meats, soups, savory flavors, and fruit flavors.

- Industrially, DMDS is used in oil refineries as a sulfiding agent.

- DMDS is also an effective soil fumigant in agriculture, registered in many states in the U.S. as well as globally. In this capacity, DMDS is an important alternative in replacing methyl bromide, which is being phased out. This pesticide is marketed as "Paladin" by Arkema.

- DMDS could be used as an inhibitor in cracking coking of petrochemicals, and solvent, intermediate of pesticides
- In oil refining industry, widely used as activator in preliminary vulcanization procedure of catalyzers used in certain products (including naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, diesel soil) hydrodesulfurization and hydrocracking process.



200kg/drum, 80 drums=16mt/20”FCL

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      Dimethyl disulfide DMDS CAS 624-92-0
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