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    99% min
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    25kg/fiber drum
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Product name :   Dehydroepiandrosterone
Synonyms:          Dehydroepiandrosterone,dehydroepiandrostenedione,DHEA, didehydroepiandrosterone
CAS No. :            53-43-0
EINECS :             200-175-5
M.F.:                   C19H28O2
M.W. :                288.42


Dehydroepiandrosterone is a white crystalline powder, no smell, no smell, stability in the air.

Dehydroepiandrosterone/dehydroepiandrostenedione (DHEA, more correctly didehydroepiandrosterone), also known as androstenolone as well as 3β-hydroxyandrost-5-en-17-one or 5-androsten-3β-ol-17-one, is an important endogenous steroid hormone. In its pharmaceutical drug form it is called prasterone (INN). It is the most abundant circulating steroid hormone in humans, in whom it is produced in the adrenal glands, the gonads, and the brain, where it functions predominantly as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the androgen and estrogen sex steroids. However, DHEA also has a variety of potential biological effects in its own right, binding to an array of nuclear and cell surface receptors, and acting as a neurosteroid.


Appearance                                White or almost crystalline powder

Melting range                             148℃ ~ 151℃
Loss on drying                            ≤0.5%
Assay by HPLC                            ≥99%
Specific optical rotation               +12 °~ +15°


Used in the manufacture of steroid hormone drugs intermediates, it functions as anti-aging and protein assimilation.

Main functions
1. Anti-aging, retain green vigor.
2. Enhance physical fitness, improve mood and sleep, improve memory;
3. Improve sexual function, improve sexual desire;
4. Adjust the immune system function, improve body immunity;
5. Weight loss;
6. Assist to treat disease.

Raw materials used in cosmetics and health products production. This product does not belong to the spirit, anesthesia, stimulants, precursor chemical category, chemical products, and not for making psychiatric, anesthesia, stimulants, precursor chemical category or chemical products of raw materials.


20kg or 25kgs in fiber drum or according to clients' requirement.


Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.

Avoid strong vibration, insolation, high temperature, smoke and fire.

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