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Cyclohexanone CAS 108-94-1
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    190kg/ iron drum 15.2MT/20
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Cyclohexanone CAS 108-94-1 is a colorless flammable liquid,with the smell of acetone, it is slightly soluble in water and soluble in alcohol and ethylether, has an odor reminiscent of peardrop sweets as well as acetone. It is vloatile and its vapor can form explosive mixture with air,the explosion limit is 1.1%-9.4(vol). It is irritant to eyes,nose and throat ,but not corrosive. It is an important synthesis solvent.


Purity                                      ≥99.9%
Acidity (as acetic acid)              <0.01%
Moisture                                  <0.02%
Distillation range ,Co                153-157
Density g/cm3                         0.946-0.947
Chroma (Hazen)                      <15



Used for making adipic acid,caprolactam etc.,as well as dyes,insecticides,paints,resins,solvents and so on.
In medical industry, it can be used to make progesterone and so on.



190 kgs/drumx80 drums=15.2 tons/1x20' FCL


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      Cyclohexanone CAS 108-94-1
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