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Copper Gluconate
Copper Gluconate CAS 527-09-3

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Copper Gluconate CAS 527-09-3 is the copper salt of D-gluconic acid. It is an odorless light blue or blue-green crystal or powder which is easily soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol.


Appearance                            Light blue green powder

Assay , %                              98.0~102.0
Sulfate,%                              ≤0.05
Chloride,%                            ≤0.07
Arsenic,ppm                          ≤3
Lead,ppm                              ≤25
Reducing substance,%           1.0


- Used as food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, nutrition supplements.

- Dietary supplement—metabolizable copper to treat copper deficiency.
- Used to treat acne vulgaris, common cold, hypertension, premature labor, Leishmaniasis, visceral postoperative complications.
- Ingredient of Retsyn.


25kg per fiber drum,9mt per 20ft container.
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      Copper Gluconate CAS 527-09-3
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