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Cobalt oxalate suppliers
Cobalt oxalate
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    200kg/iron drum
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Cobalt oxalate CAS 5965-38-8 is the inorganic compound with the formula of CoC2O4.  Like other simple inorganic oxalates, it is a coordination polymer. The oxalate ligands bridge of Co(OH2)2 centres. Each cobalt adopts octahedral coordination geometry.


Appearance:   Light pink powder
Co:                 31.0 %Min
Ni :                 0.05 %Max
Cu :               0.004 %Max
Fe:                 0.008 %Max
Mn:                0.004 %Max
Na:                0.003 %Max
Ca:                 0.003 %Max
As:                 0.002 %Max
H2O:              0.65 %Max


It is used in the preparation of cobalt catalysts, and cobal metal powder for powder-metallurgical applications. 

It is made in process of recycling lithium-ion bateries, where the cobalt is obtained from cathode material 

(LiCoO2) by leaching with sulfuric acid and then precipitated with ammonium oxalate.



25kg/bag or fiber drum


Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat.

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      Cobalt oxalate
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