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Chloramine B
Chloramine B CAS 127-52-6

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Chloramine B CAS 127-52-6 is white crystalline powder. It is organic chlorine disinfector with stable property; slightly soluble in water, has low irritancy and corrosivity. It has stable property, it only lost 0.1% active chlorine though you keep it for one year airtightly. Major uses include antibacterial and topical antiseptic. Chloramine B used as a disinfectant is inhibitory to escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus.


Appearance             white crystalline powder
Assay                      99%Min
Available chlorine     25%Min
PH                          9-11
Iron ion                  10ppm Max
Heavy metals          10ppm Max


- Chloramine B is a organochlorine disinfectant, and the effective chloric arrive 26-28%, the property is stable, only loss 0.1% effective chloric after airtight kept 1 year. Slightly soluble in water, and Stimulating & corrosive is small, so the efficacy is slower than hypochlorous acid.

- Chloramine-B is mainly used for disinfecting container of drinking water, all kind of tableware, fruits and vegetables(5ppm), aquaculture water and enamel instruments(1%).

- It's also can be used for cleaning breast of cattle, milk cup, livestock urinary tract, festering, etc.


25kg fiber drum, 14.5mt per 20ft container

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      Chloramine B CAS 127-52-6
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