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China Resorcinol suppliers (99%min assay) suppliers
China Resorcinol suppliers (99%min assay)
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    25kg per paper bag
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Resorcinol (CAS 108-46-3) is white flakes, exposed in light and air, or contact with the iron will be turned into pink, has a sweet taste. Soluble in water, ethanol, amyl alcohol, insoluble in ether, glycerin, slightly soluble in chloroform, carbon disulfide, slightly soluble in benzene. an important raw material for rubber chemicals, agrochemicals, UV absorbers, pharmaceuticals ,dyes and with almost unlimited potential.

Specification of Resorcinol

 Appearance   White crystalline flakes
 Resorcinol (HPLC)    99.50% Min.
 Hydroquinone(HPLC)   0.05% Max.
 Catechol (HPLC)   0.1% Max.
 Phenol(HPLC)   0.1% Max.
 Crystallization Point    109℃Min.

Application of Resorcinol

-- Used in resins as an UV absorber.
-- Used in manufacturing fluorescent and leather dyes and adhesives (resorcinol formaldehyde resins).

-- Used as a pharmaceutical to treat acne and other greasy skin conditions in combination with other acne treatments such as sulfur.

-- Used as an anti-dandruff agent in shampoo and sunscreen cosmetic.
-- Used as a chemical intermediate to synthesis pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds.
-- Used as one of parent material of topical keratolytic agents.

25kg / bag
Total 16 MT per 20ft container with pallets,20 MT without pallets.

Safety & Storage & Handling
Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care;no breakage, avoid leakage.
It is valid for 2 years under proper condition.
Resorcinol is classified as Dangerous Good for transport (UN 2576, Class 6.1, Packing group III)

* Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety, Storage and Transportation.

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      China Resorcinol suppliers (99%min assay)
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