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  • DL-Valine suppliers


    DL-Valine CAS 516-06-3 is White crystalls or crystal powder, with special flavour;Soluble in water, does not dissolve in cold ethanol, ether and acetone.Heated sublimation, decomposition point is about 298C (tube). DL-Valine is widely used in fields of medicine, food processing, industry,etc.

  • Tris(2-chloroisopropyl)phosphate suppliers


    Pure TCPP CAS 13674-84-5 is a kind of transparent and colorless oil liquid.It can be dissolved in organic solvent such as alcohol, benzene,carbon tetrachloride,but not in water.

  • Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid suppliers

    Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid

    Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid CAS 2743-38-6 is white fine crystal solid in appearance. It is important pharmaceutical Intermediates.

  • L-Norvaline suppliers


    L-Norvaline CAS 6600-40-4 is white solid in appearance. It can be used in pharmaceutical, food,animal feed,cosmetic,bio-chemical research etc.

  • Dimethyl adipate suppliers

    Dimethyl adipate

    Dimethyl adipate DMA (CAS 627-93-0) is colourless,transparent liquid. Boiling point 115 C(13mmHg), Melting point 10 C-11 C, Refractive index 1.4283(20 C). Used in organic synthesises and as a plasticizer for resins.

  • Zinc acetate suppliers

    Zinc acetate

    Zinc acetate CAS 557-34-6 is used in the pharmaceutical industry, as a buffer in the photographic industry and as a supplement for animal feeds to increase the milk fat production of dairy cattle.It is also used in the production of dye stuffs, as a polymerization catalyst, as a polymer stabilizer, as a flavoring agent, and in the manufacture of hydroxyl oxides, which are used as extractants in hydrometallurgy.

  • N,N'-di-sec-butyl-1,4-phenylenediamine suppliers


    N,N'-Bis(1-methylpropyl)-1,4-phenylenediamine CAS 101-96-2 is high efficiency antioxidant of gasoline——much better than Antioxidant T-501. Especially suitable for cracked or heating crack gasoline additives.

  • L-Ornithine-alpha-Ketoglutarate suppliers


    L-Ornithine-alpha-Ketoglutarate CAS 5144-42-3 is White crystalline powder.Nutritional supplement, nutrition enhancer, dietary supplements, heatlh food additives, pharmaceutical raw material,sport supplements, sport nutrtional supplements, bodybuilding supplement.

  • 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene suppliers


    2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene CAS 97-00-7 is light Yellow to Pale Brown Crystals,Soluble in chloroform, ether, hot alcohol,and benzene,insoluble in water. 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene is mainly used to produce sulfur dyestuffs, 2,4-dinitroaniline,dinitrophenol,picric acid,azoic dyes,benzoic sulfimide and so on. It can also be used to be raw materials of other dyestuffs and medicine.

  • Cobalt oxalate suppliers

    Cobalt oxalate

    Cobalt oxalate CAS 5965-38-8 is the inorganic compound with the formula of CoC2O4. Like other simple inorganic oxalates, it is a coordination polymer. The oxalate ligands bridge of Co(OH2)2 centres. Each cobalt adopts octahedral coordination geometry.

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