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  • Xylitol suppliers


    Xylitol (CAS:87-99-0) is being of nutritional value is a kind of special sweeteners,used in Nutritional sweetener, mainly for people with diabetes and for preventing dental caries sweeteners. Moisturizing factor.

  • Dexamethasone suppliers


    Dexamethasone CAS 50-02-2 is white or practically white, odorless, crystalline powder.Mainly used for anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, suitable for rheumatoid arthritis and other collagen diseases.

  • Ammonium benzoate suppliers

    Ammonium benzoate

    Ammonium benzoate CAS 1863-63-4, a white solid, is the ammonium salt of benzoic acid.Used as chemical analysis reagent, in pharmaceutical industry and in electronic industry to produce electrolytic capacitor.

  • Propionyl chloride suppliers

    Propionyl chloride

    Propionyl chloride CAS 79-03-8 is colorless fuming liquid,mainly used in organic synthesis material, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate.

  • Adenosine suppliers


    Adenosine CAS 58-61-7 is white or white crystalline powder. It is mainly used as anti-arrhythmic drugs, can make the paroxysmal room sex on the room tachycardia to sinus hythm.Mainly used in the manufacture of vidarabine pharmaceutical industry;Adenosine triphosphate.Coenzyme and ring adenosine phosphate series products of drugs such as the main raw material.

  • Isophthalic Dihydrazide suppliers

    Isophthalic Dihydrazide

    Isophthalic Dihydrazide (CAS: 2760-98-7) is powder coatings and adhesives, used in Powder coatings and adhesives.

  • Sodium polyphosphate suppliers

    Sodium polyphosphate

    Sodium polyphosphate CAS 68915-31-1 is colorless transparent glass block or flake. Soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents. Strong moisture absorption, easy hydrolysis in warm water, acid or alkali solution for orthophosphate. Melting point 616 ℃ (decomposition), relative density (d2020) 2.484.

  • Monoethyl fumarate suppliers

    Monoethyl fumarate

    Monoethyl fumarate (CAS: 2459-05-4) is white crystal powder. It has bactericidal effect, and often used as preservative.

  • Butyl acetate suppliers

    Butyl acetate

    Butyl acetate CAS 123-86-4 is a transparent liquid, without suspended impurities. Butyl acetate is slight soluble in water, and soluble in most alcohols and ethers. Its boiling point is at 126.1 ℃ under normal temperature. Butyl acetate is not only used as solvent in coating, lacquer, printing ink, adhesive, leatheroid or nitrocellulose.

  • N-Vinylcaprolactam

    High quality N-Vinylcaprolactam 98% at best price from China

    N-Vinylcaprolactam CAS 2235-00-9 is an important synthesis intermediate. Not only a pharmaceutical intermediate, it can also be used in printing ink production etc. It exists in white to pale yellow crystal but becomes slight yellow liquid when temperature comes above 37℃.

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