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Chelating Agent EDTA-2Na (EDTA Disodium) Cosmetic & Food grade
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  • Molecular Formula:

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  • Packing:

    25kg/bag 22mt/20'FCL no pallet 20mt/20'FCL pallet
  • Mininmum Order:

    25 Kilograms
  • Technical Data Sheet: TDS EDTA 2Na.pdf

    Safety Date Sheet: MSDS EDTA 2Na - TNJ.pdf

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  • Product Details

EDTA-2Na exists in white powder, easily soluble in water, but hard to soluble in organic solvents like alcohol or ethyl ether. The PH value of 5% (25℃) water solution is 4.0-6.0. EDTA is an important complexing agent for complexing metal ions and separation of metals, the materials used for processing color photographic materials, wash bleach fixer, and dyeing auxiliaries , fiber processing agents, cosmetic additives, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, chemical fertilizer production, blood anticoagulant, complexing agents, detergent, stabilizer, synthetic rubber, polymerization initiator and quantitative analysis of heavy metals etc.


 Items  Industrial Grade  Food and Medical Grade
 Content, %  ≥99.0  ≥99.5
 Chloride( Cl), %  ≤0.01  ≤ 0.001
 Sulfate(SO4), %  ≤ 0.05  ≤ 0.03 
 Metal chelate(Pb), %  ≤ 0.001  ≤ 0.001
 Iron(Fe), %  ≤ 0.01   ≤ 0.001 
 Copper(Cu), %  ≤ 0.025  ≤ 0.0025
Chelate mgCaCO3/g(PH11)   265min   267 min
 pH Value(5% aq. solution)  4.0-5.0  4.0-5.0
 NTA%  /  ≤0.1
 Appearance  white crystal powder   white crystal powder



EDTA-2Na is used in detergent,liquid soap,shampoo,agricultural chemicals,fixer solution for development of colour 

film,water cleaner,PH modifier.When stating the redox reaction for the polymerization of butyl benzene rubber,it is
used as part of activator for the complexation of metal ion and control of polymerization speed.


PP bag,25kg/bag,20TM/20'FCL,18MT/20' FCL if palletized or packed as the customer's request.

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      Chelating Agent EDTA-2Na (EDTA Disodium) Cosmetic & Food grade
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