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Cellulose acetate butyrate suppliers
Cellulose acetate butyrate
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    20kg fiber drum
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Cellulose acetate butyrate CAS 9004-36-8 is used in photography as a base material for photographic emulsions. It was introduced in the early 20th century by film manufacturers as a safe film base replacement for unstable and highly flammable nitrate film.


Appearance         White solid

Content               99.0%min

Moisture              <0.04%

Brand                  Terppon

Heavy Metals      <0.002%


Pharmacy industry

As Adsorbent, suspension agent, diluent, disintegrating agent.

Food industry

1) Maintain the stability of the emulsion and foam.

2) Maintain the stability of the high temperature.

3) To improve the stability of the liquid.

4)As Dietary supplements and thickener.

Cosmetic industry

Used for making a variety of cosmetics, skin and clean detergent, detergent.



20kg drum.10.2mt per 20ft container.

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      Cellulose acetate butyrate
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