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CAS 68424-04-4 Polydextrose suppliers price suppliers
CAS 68424-04-4 Polydextrose suppliers price
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TNJ Chemical provides database on CAS 68424-04-4 Polydextrose suppliers, and also offers Polydextrose price quotation from CAS 68424-04-4 Polydextrose suppliers. If you want to buy Polydextrose, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com

Polydextrose is Soluble Dietary Fiber. It has features of increasing the volume of manure, giving laxative effect, reducing the risk of bowel cancer, removing the body of cholic acid, lowering serum cholesterol and etc. It can also significantly reduce the postprandial blood glucose levels. It brings a new effective way to health-care food industry, and it is called“the 7th nutriment" which is essential to people's body.


Color               White or straw yellow

Odor               Odorless

Shape             Granule or powder

Assay              as Polydextrose 90.0% Min.

Sulfated Ash    0.3% Max.

Glucose & Sorbitol          6.0% Max.

1.6-Anhydro-D-glucose  4.0% Max.

PH                   2.5-7.0

5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and Related Compounds    0.1% Max.

Lead(Pb)         0.5mg/kg Max


1. Heath care products:

Polydextrose can be used as the raw and supplementary materials of the healthy food and the carrier of health care products aimed at constipation, diabetics, obesity, etc., such as fibre tablet, capsule, liquid tonic taken orally, instant herbal mixture etc. The reference use volume is 30% to 90%.

2. Food:

Cakes, biscuit, noodles, rice flour, flour, instant noodles, stuffing, meat, etc. The reference use volume is 5% to 20%. 

3. Beverage:

Fruit juice, coffee, tea drinks, carbonic acid drinks, bean milk drinks, nutrition drinks, powder drinks, etc. The reference use volume is 0.5% to 5%. 

4. Dairy products:

Milk and flavoring milk, fermenting milk, lactobacillus drinks, brewage milk powder, Yogurt, bean milk powder, etc. The reference use volume is 1% to 5%.

5. Candies and confectionery:

All kinds of soft and hard candies, chocolate, cookies, moon cakes, various western-style kuchens, sheep soup. If added into the stuffing of cakes, it can keep them delicious and fresh. The reference use volume is 5% to 30%.

6. Sweet snacks, pudding, jelly, etc. The reference use volume is 0.5% to 5%. <%2

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      CAS 68424-04-4 Polydextrose suppliers price
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