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CAS 135236-72-5 HMB Calcium suppliers price suppliers
CAS 135236-72-5 HMB Calcium suppliers price
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    Food & Feed grade
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    25kg/fiber drum
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TNJ Chemical provides database on CAS 135236-72-5 HMB Calcium suppliers, and also offers HMB Calcium price quotation from CAS 135236-72-5 HMB Calcium suppliers. If you want to buy Calcium b-hydroxy-b-methylbutyrate, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com

There are small amounts of hmb present in many foods, primarily catfish, grapefruit, and alfalfa. Many of the world's champions and athletes are using HMB and receiving dramatic results.

Specifically, HMB plays a role in the synthesis of muscle tissue. It has the ability to burn fat and build muscle consistently in response to exercise. Backed heavily by science, HMB works for nfl greats like shannon sharpe and olympic medallists throughout the globe. New scientific studies are being conducted on this supplement all the time. Recently, a study showed in a control group supplementing with hmb, that after taking 3 grams of hmb per day for three weeks, those who took hmb versus the random placebo takers gained three times more muscle on their bench press! Animal studies also suggest that it may increase lean muscle mass. A study conducted on humans showed that those who supplemented with hmb experienced enhanced strength, greater endurance, and increased fat loss. It's ability to boost endurance alone is an incredible result. A seven week long study showed a much greater gain in muscle when a group of 28 participated in a regular weight-training program. How does hmb do all this? It appears to increase the rate of protein being used to increase muscle growth, while decreasing the atrophy or tear down of muscle that occurs.


HMB-Calcium is a strong resistance to muscle decompose agent, can increase the muscle strength, and high cholesterol can dramatically reduce the body bad cholesterol (LDL) content, we recommend bodybuilder take 3-5g HMB every day before bedtime.


25kg/fiber drum with double PE bags inside

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      CAS 135236-72-5 HMB Calcium suppliers price
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