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C12-13 alkyl lactate suppliers
C12-13 alkyl lactate
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    98% min
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    25kg/drum 50kg/drum or as per customer's requirem
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Product Name:                  C12-13 alkyl lactate
Synonyms:                        C12-15 alkyl lactate, Propanoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, C12-15-alkyl esters
CAS No. :                           93925-36-1
EINECS :                            300-338-1
Molecular Formula :           C15-18H29-35O3
Molecular Weight :            257.39-299.46

Physical properties

Appearance:                     Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Melting point:                   ca. -20℃; 1.013 hPa
Boiling point:                    > 250℃; 1.013 hPa
Flash point:                       ca.158℃; 1.013 hPa
Density:                            ca. 0,915 g/cm3; 20℃; 1.013 hPa
Water solubility:               20℃; 1.013 hPa; negligible
Solubility in other:            20℃,Alcohol:negligible;Acetone:partly soluble;Hydrocarbons:soluble


Appearance                                   Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Assay(As C12-13 Alkyl Lactate)     ≥98.0%
Ester content                                 ≥85.0%
Free alcohol                                   ≤15.0%
Acid value                                      ≤2mgKOH/g
Moisture                                        ≤0.5%


1) It is a kind of resistance to stimulate emollients, with low added strong excitant.

2) Used in skin care products is gradually and the Angle of soluble protein and moisturizing emollients, has the very good moisturizing effect.

3) It is a kind of naturalEnzyme deodorant, can with antiperspirant or other deodorants synergy, inhibit the body odor, and showed the effects of long-term (24 hours).

4) To ease the role of erythema.


25kg/drum, 50kg/drum or as per customer's requirement

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      C12-13 alkyl lactate
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