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Beta-Alanine CAS 107-95-9 is a non-essential amino acid obtained through protein foods and it naturally occurs in the body. Beta Alanine (BA) is found naturally in both the body and in foods such as chicken. Beta-Alanine’s performance enhancing effects are due to its ability to raise intra-muscular levels of carnosine. Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between carnosine concentrations in muscle and high intensity exercise performance.

- Melting point              202 °C (dec.)(lit.)

- Density                       1,437 g/cm3
- Flash point                 204-206°C


Appearance                              White crystalline powder

Assay, %                                  98.00~101.00

Chloride, %                              ≤0.02

Ammonium, %                          ≤0.02

Sulphate, %                             ≤0.02

Iron, ppm                                 ≤30.00

Heavy metals, ppm                  ≤10.00

Residue on Ignition, %            ≤0.20

Loss on Drying, %                    ≤0.30

PH                                            6.50~7.50



· Increases strength endurance
· Increases force output
· Increases anaerobic threshold
· Increases work capacity
· Delays fatigue
· May improve body composition
· Works synergistically with Creatine
· Enhances performance in all athletes regardless of the intensity or duration required by the athletic discipline.


- Food grade:  Beta-alanine is used for nutritional supplement in food 

- Medicine grade:  Beta-alanine is mainly used for synthesis of pantothenic acid and calcium pantothenate, carnosine, handkerchief meters phosphonic acid sodium, and willow nitrogen.



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