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Antioxidant 1076 (Irganox 1076)
Antioxidant 1076 (Irganox 1076) as Plastic Auxiliary Agents
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    Food, Pharma etc.
  • Packing:

    25kg/bag 12mt/FCL with pallet
  • Mininmum Order:

    25kg (One standard packing)

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Antioxidant 1076 (also called Irganox 1076) is a non-polluting toxic hindered phenolic antioxidants, the appearance of a white to yellowish powder. Soluble in benzene (57 g), chloroform, cyclohexane,acetone (19 g), and esters and other organic solvents, Slightly soluble in methanol,ethanol, mineral oil, insoluble in water. Melting point: 50-52 °C(lit.); Flashing point: >230 °F


Appearance                White Crystalline Powder

Melting Point              50.0--55.0C
Ash                             0.1%Max
Volatilizing                  0.2%Max
Clarity Of Solution       Clear Solution
Transmittance             425nm
425nm:                       97.0%Min
500nm:                       98.0%Min
Assay                          98.0%Min


This product, which has little contamination,good heat resistence,compatibility and good anti-extraction.When it is used with antioxidant DLTP or 168,synergetic effect will occur.It is fortified phenol antioxidant and has good compatibility with most polymers, anti-light and anti-changing color because of heat,at the same time it has light stabilization.It is widely used in polymer materials  such as PE,PP,PS,polyamide,polyformaldehyde,ABS,PVC and synthetical rubber.It is also used to prevent grease and coatings  from heat aging and oxidantion aging.



25kg/bag,12mt/FCL with pallet,15mt without pallet.

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      Antioxidant 1076 (Irganox 1076) as Plastic Auxiliary Agents
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