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Allantoin powder suppliers
Allantoin powder
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    99.0% min
  • Packing:

    25kg/fiber drum
  • Mininmum Order:


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Allantoin powder is white crystal, odorless and smell less, can dissolve in sparse ethanol 

and glycerin, but not in ethanol, chloroform, aether and other organic solvents, a little dissolve in cold water, but when temperature is high, it can easy dissolve.


Appearance                           White powder

Assay (on dry base ),%         99.0-100.5
Melting Point,℃                      ≥ 225
Residue,%                             ≤ 0.1
PH                                         4.5-6.0
CL                                          ≤ 0.005
Lost on dry,%                        ≤ 0.20
Related Substances,%          ≤ 0.05
Heavy Metal (Pb), ppm          ≤ 10
Glycoluril,%                            ≤ 0.1
Sulphated Ash,%                   ≤ 0.1



In pharmaceutical industry, Allantoin can be directly used in pharmaceuticals, and also can being additive to use, to cure various skin disease, accelerate the growing of skin cell, improve the healing of wound and ease pain. Usually was used to cure gastritis and duodenum ulcer disease.
In cosmeticsAllantoin can be directly or indirectly used in cosmetics and other daily chemical products, such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc. It has good functions of lubricating, protecting tissue, hydrophile and preventing water from dissipating.
In agriculture, Allantoin is used as plantation growth hormone, to increase production of wheat, orange, rice, vegetable and etc. It has function of fixing fuit, ripening and etc., and it is also a necessary material to make composite fertilizer, microorganism fertilizer, slow-release fertilizer or low-effect fertilizer and fertilizer of rare earths.

25kg per fiber can,9mt/20ft FCL

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      Allantoin powder
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