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Alcohols C16-18 Ethoxylated
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Chemical Name:               Ceteareth-80
Synonyms:                       Alcohols C16-18 ethoxylated
CAS No.:                          68439-39-6
EINECS No.:                     500-212-8
Molecular Formula:           RO(CH2CH2O)nH


Appearance                        White flake

Odor                                   Mild
Acid number, mg/g Max.     1.5
Hydroxyl value, mg/g         14-20
Moisture, % WT. Max.        1.0
Saponification value, mg/g Max. 3.0
Iodine value Max.              1.0


Ceteareth-80 is used as detergent, diffusing agents, foam inhibitor, lime soap dispersing agent. 

- The product is mainly employed in household, industrial and institutional detergents and cleaners.
- Ceteareth-80 can improve the solubility of detergent powders and reduce ash.

- Ceteareth-80 has a very low polyglycol content. This makes it using in coatings applied to enzymes, defoamers in powder form, bleach activators and other detergent ingredients that are required to unfold their action  gradually over the whole wash.


25kg/PE bag

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      Alcohols C16-18 Ethoxylated
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