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Acrolein CAS 107-02-8
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    ISO Tank
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Acrolein CAS 107-02-8 is the simplest unsaturated aldehyde. It is a colourless liquid with a piercing,disagreeable,acrid smell. The smell of burnt fat (as when cooking oil is heated to its smoke point) is caused by glycerol in the burning fat breaking down into acrolein. It is produced industrially from propylene and mainly used as a biocide and a building block to other chemical compounds, such as the amino acid methionine.


Appearance:         colourless to slightly yellow liquid

Melting Point:       -87.7ºC

Boiling Point:         52.7ºC
Water Solubility:    Soluble. 21.25 g/100 mL
Density:                0.8389
Storage Temp:      2-8ºC
Flash Point:          -26ºC
Stability:   Stable, but very readily polymerizes. May have ca. 0.1% hydroquinone added as stabilizer. Flammable. Incompatible with oxidizing agents, reducing agents, oxygen, a variety of other chemicals, light. Very reactive with a wide variety of chemicals. 
Vapor Density:      1.94 (vs air)
Vapor Pressure:     4.05 psi ( 20 °C)
Refractive Index:   1.402


Appearance           Colorless transparent liquid

Content,%            95Min

Purity,(GC)%         98Min

Moisture,%           3.0Max

Hydroquinone,%   0.25~0.35



Acrolein is mainly used in producing insecticide and imidacloprid in pesticide industry, dibromopropanal in pharmaceutical industry, feed additive methionine. Moreover, it is an important intermediate for compounding glycerin, spice, medicine, allylthiourea, etc.

Acrolein can be used in acrylic coating; It is raw material for producing dialdehyde and crosslinking agent; also used in producing colloid osmium, ruthenium, rhodium; It is important intermediate for producing imidacloprid (Agro-pesticide).

Acrolein can be mainly used as oilfield water injection fungicides to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water to prevent corrosion caused by bacteria in the formation and blockage



ISO TANK 11.7mt~13.96mt

200L/drum, 80 drums/20"FCL


Storage & Delivery

CLASS 3: Flammable liquid. CLASS 6.1: Poisonous material.

Store in a segregated and approved area. Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area. 

Keep container tightly closed and sealed until ready for use. 

Avoid all possible sources of ignition (spark or flame). efrigerate. Sensitive to light.

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      Acrolein CAS 107-02-8
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