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99.5% Butyl Benzoate CAS No. 136-60-7
99.5% Butyl Benzoate CAS 136-60-7
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Buy Butyl Benzoate CAS 136-60-7, a kind of chemical solvent from TNJ Chemical, China leading 99.5% Butyl Benzoate CAS 136-60-7 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you also want to buy Butyl Benzoate OR buy Benzyl benzoate, please mail to sales19@tnjchem.com

Name   Butyl benzoate

CAS No. 136-60-7

M.F.           C11H14O2

Physical properties

Melting point:  -22 °C

Boiling point:  250 °C

Density:  1.01 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Refractive index: n20/D 1.498(lit.)

Flash point: 223 °F

Storage temp.: room temp

Solubility: 0.06g/l

Form: Oily Liquid

Color: Clear yellow


Benzyl benzoate 99%, used in fragrance and other plastic industries as the main solvent.



200kg/drum, 80 drums/20"FCL

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      99.5% Butyl Benzoate CAS 136-60-7
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