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Buy Vitamin A Palmitate
Buy Vitamin A Palmitate powder 1.7miu at factory price from China suppliers
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    Powder & liquid
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    5kg/tin 25kg/drum etc.
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Maybe you are looking for Vitamin A Palmitate powder or liquid. But do you know where to buy the high quality Vitamin A Palmitate from professional suppliers in China? TNJ Chemical is your best choice. TNJ Chemical is a time honored Vitamin A Palmitate factory supplier since from 2001. If you need to buy good quality Vitamin A Palmitate with competitive price, please do't hesitate to contact sales@tnjchem.com

Product name    Vitamin A Palmitate

Synonyms          All-trans-retinyl palmitate; Retinol palmitate
CAS No.             79-81-2
EINECS              201-228-5
M.F.                    C36H60O2
M.W.                  524.86


Pale yellow to yellow flowing powder or Yellow or brown yellow oily liquid.

-Density:           0.92g/cm3
-Melting point:   41678℃
-Boiling Point:    607.5℃ at 760mmHg
-Flashing Point:  79.7℃
-Refractive Index: 1.511



Assay                ≥1.0/1.7M IU/g
Acidity               ≤2.0mg KOH/g
Peroxide Value  ≤10meq/kg
Arsenic              ≤1.0mg/kg

Lead                  ≤2.0mg/kg


Assay               ≥325,000/500,000 IU/g
Water               ≤0.5%
Arsenic             ≤1.0mg/kg
Lead                 ≤2.0mg/kg
Aerobic plate count ≤1000 cfu/g
Mould & Yeast  ≤100 cfu/g
Coliforms          ≤0.3 MPN/g


Vitamin A Palmitate usually used as preparation for dry food industry, cosmetic and health food.

-Has the effect of adjusting the metabolism of epidermis and cuticle, can anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.

-To reduce sebum overflow and make the skin elastic, fade spots at the same time, smooth skin.

-Helps protect the skin, mucous membrane is not affected by bacteria, healthy skin, prevent skin cancer.

-Prevent nyctalopia, eyesight, the treatment of various eye diseases, geared at to bright eye be apt to make woman.

-To promote bone growth, help the tooth growth, regeneration.

-Effectively prevent obesity, keep women's slim figure.

-Can contribute to the prevention and treatment of hair loss.


Powder: 5kg/tin, 25kg/carton or 25kg/fiber drum

Liquid: 5kg/plastic drum, 20kg/iron drum or 25kg/iron drum


Store in the original container, protected from light, in a dry, cool (8-15°C) place.

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      Buy Vitamin A Palmitate powder 1.7miu at factory price from China suppliers
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