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Vitamin E oil
Vitamin E oil CAS 10191-41-0
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    Food, Feed, Pharma, Cosmetic
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    50kg/iron drum
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Vitamin E oil a-Tocopherol CAS 10191-41-0  is one such naturally-ooccurring oil, which is soluble in lipid and is non-enzymatic. It acts as an antioxidant, and prevents the formation of free radicals on the skin cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a popular myth that antioxidants can be used in place of preservatives in recipes that require a preservative. Antioxidants simply prevent rancidity and some discoloration from occuring. Antioxidants do not kill bacteria.


Appearance                      Clear, amber, viscous oil
Odor                               Typical vegetable oil
acidity Max.                     1ml
Potency                           IU/g 1000-1409
Specific Rotation,[a]d25     +24o
Tocopherols, d-alpha,        67.15% - 102%
PAHs Max.                       25 ppb

Benz(a)Pyrene Max.          1ppb


Vitamin E Oil is a vital nutritional ingredient and recognised as a valuable anti-oxidant in human food.

In medicine, VE is used for treating gingivitis, coarse-skin disease, fatty liver (hepatic adipose infiltration), arteriosclerosis and high blood cholesterol leverl.
VE is also used as a food additive and fortifier, and as animal feed additives, and is known to improve human and animal reproductive function.
As a cosmetic additive, VE is known to prevent skin aging, improve skin elasticity and rejuvenation.


50kg/iron drum

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      Vitamin E oil CAS 10191-41-0
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