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Vitamin E
Vitamin E CAS 59-02-9
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    Food, Feed, Pharma, Cosmetic
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    25kg/fiber drum
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Vitamin E a-Tocopherol CAS 59-02-9 is nearly white to yellowish granular/powder, practically insoluble in water, freely soluble in acetone, in ethanol and vegetable oils. 

Vitamin E is a vital nutritional ingredient and recognised as a valuable anti-oxidant in human food stuffs.In medicine, VE is used for treating gingivitis, coarse-skin disease, fatty liver (hepatic adipose infiltration), arteriosclerosis and high blood cholesterol leverl.VE is also used as a food additive and fortifier, and as animal feed additives, and is known to improve human and animal reproductive function. As a cosmetic additive, VE is known to prevent skin aging, improve skin elasticity and rejuvenation.


Appearance             White or whitelike powder
Assay                      >=50%
Loss on Drying        =<5.0%
Seive Analysis         >=90% through No. 20 (US)
Heavy Metal            =<10mg/kg
Arsenic                    =<2mg/kg
Pb                           =<2mg/kg
Cadmium                =<2mg/kg
Mercury                  =<2mg/kg


In food/pharmacy industry
- As a natural antioxidant inside cells, supplies oxygen to blood, which is carried to the heart and other organs; thus alleviating fatigue; aids in bringing nourishment to cells.
- As an antioxidant and nutrition fortifier which is different to the synthetic on components, structure, physical characteristics and activity. It has rich nutrition and high security, and is prone to be absorbed by human body. In feed and poultry feed industry.
- As dietary supplements and in food technology as Vitamins.
- Acts as an antioxidant controlling redox reactions in a variety of tissues and organs.
- Also provide protection against pulmonary oxygen poisoning. In cosmetics industry.
- Improves microcirculation of the skin.
- Protects against U.V irradiations.
- Maintains natural moisture of skin.


25kg/fiber drum with double PE bags inside

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      Vitamin E CAS 59-02-9
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