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  • CAS 15365-14-7 factory price

    Ferrous lithium phosphate CAS 15365-14-7

    Brief introduction of Ferrous lithium phosphate CAS 15365-14-7 Chemical name: Ferrous lithium phosphate CAS No.:15365-14-7 Molecular Formula: LiFePO4 Molecuar Weight: 157.76 EINECS: 921-062-3 It is characterized by large discharge capacity, low price, non-toxicity, and no environmental pollution

  • CAS 7783-83-7

    Ammonium ferric sulfate dodecahydrate CAS 7783-83-7

    Brief introduction of Ammonium ferric sulfate dodecahydrate CAS 7783-83-7 Chemical name:Ammonium ferric sulfate dodecahydrate CAS No.:7783-83-7 Synonyms: Ferric ammonium sulfate dodecahydrate Molecular Formula: FeH28NO20S2 Molecuar Weight: 482.19 EINECS: 616-517-5

  • Chloranilic acid CAS 87-88-7 suppliers

    Chloranilic acid CAS 87-88-7

    Brief introduction of Chloranilic acid CAS 87-88-7 Chemical name: Chloranilic acid CAS No.:87-88-7 Molecular Formula: C6H2Cl2O4 Molecuar Weight: 208.98 EINECS: 201-780-7

  •  CAS 115-41-3

    Pyrocatechol Violet CAS 115-41-3

    Brief introduction of Pyrocatechol Violet CAS 115-41-3 Chemical name: Pyrocatechol Violet CAS No.:115-41-3 Synonyms: Catechol violet Molecular Formula: C19H14O7S Molecuar Weight: 386.38 EINECS: 204-088-3

  • CAS 51-74-1

    Histamine phosphate CAS 51-74-1

    Histamine phosphate is white to light yellow powder,melting point 128-133℃. Chemical name: Histamine phosphate CAS No.:51-74-1 Synonyms: Histamine bisphosphate monohydrate Molecular Formula: C5H12N3O4P Molecuar Weight: 209.14 EINECS: 200-118-4

  • CAS 2127-03-9

    2,2'-Dithiodipyridine CAS 2127-03-9

    2,2'-Dithiodipyridine is beige or yellow crystal powder,melting point 56-58℃. Chemical name: 2,2'-Dithiodipyridine CAS No.:2127-03-9 Synonyms: 2,2'-Dipyridyl disulfide Molecular Formula: C10H8N2S2 Molecuar Weight: 220.31  EINECS: 218-343-1

  • CAS 17846-68-3

    Tributyltin azide CAS 17846-68-3

    Tributyltin azide CAS 17846-68-3 is colorless to light yellow liquid,melting point about 77.0-79.0℃. CAS No.:17846-68-3 Synonyms: Azidotributyltin Molecular Formula: C12H27N3Sn Molecuar Weight: 332.07

  • CAS 1829-00-1

    Titan yellow CAS 1829-00-1

    Titan yellow CAS 1829-00-1 is light yellow or brown powder. Dissolve in water, ethanol, sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide solution

  • CAS 115-40-2

    Bromocresol Purple CAS 115-40-2

    Bromocresol Purple CAS 115-40-2 is Slightly yellowish rose crystal powder,insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol is yellow, soluble in dilute sodium hydroxide and dilute sodium carbonate solution is purple, melting point 241-242℃.

  • CAS 19172-47-5 suppliers

    CAS 19172-47-5

    TNJ Chemical produces super quality Lawesson's Reagent CAS 19172-47-5 - 97%MIN assay, GMP SGS certification, USP BP EP FCC standard, Competitive price, online purchase support. To buy Lawesson's Reagent CAS 19172-47-5 from China factory supplier manufacturer, please contact [email protected]