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Trimethyl Phosphate CAS 512-56-1
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Buy Trimethyl Phosphate CAS 512-56-1, a chemical intermediate for Trimethyl Phosphate CAS 512-56-1 from TNJ Chemical, China leading Trimethyl Phosphate CAS 512-56-1 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Trimethyl Phosphate CAS 512-56-1, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

Product Name: Trimethyl Phosphate

CAS:    512-56-1
Formula:   C3H9O4P
Molecular Weight:  140.07


Appearance:                    Colorless Transparent Liquid

Flash Point:                      107 ℃

Melting Point:                   -46 ℃

Refractive Index:              1.395-1.397

Water Solubility:               500 G / L (25 ℃)

Assay (GC%)                    ≥99%

Color Value                      <20

Acid Value (MgKOH / G)     ≤0.20

Refractive Index (ND20)    1.393-1.397

Specific Gravity (20/20 ℃) 1.213-1.217

Water Content, %            1.130 ~ 1.150


Trimethyl Phosphate Uses Mainly For Pharmaceuticals, Solvents, Pesticides And Extraction Agent, It Is Used As The Determination Of Zirconium Reagents, Solvents, Gas Chromatography Stationary Phase Extraction Agents, Also Used As A Medicine And Pesticide Ester Solvent And Extraction Agent. Pesticide Intermediates. In Japan, Trimethyl Phosphate Uses For The Textile Oil And Polymer Anti-Coloring Agent, A Flame Retardant Additive For Lithium Ion Batteries.



NW 200KG / Galvanized Iron (A Small Cabinet Loaded 16 Tons A Child Care)

1000KG/IB Barrels (A Small Cabinet Loaded 18 Tons)

23 Tons ISOTANK.

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      Trimethyl Phosphate CAS 512-56-1
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