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Chlorhexidine acetate
Chlorhexidine acetate CAS 56-95-1

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Chlorhexidine acetate CAS 56-95-1 is white or almost white microcrystalli powder, used as cationic surfactant, wide antimicrobial spectrum, for most gram-positive and negative bacteria killing effect, is also effective to pseudomonas aeruginosa. Used in hand before surgery, skin, plane surface and instruments disinfection.


Residue on ignition,%                     ≤0.15

Organic Impurities,%                       ≤3.0
Limit of p-chloroaniline,ppm            ≤500
Loss on drying,%                            ≤3.5
Assay,%                                          98.0-102.0
1) The surgical field, its effect is similar to tincture of iodine.
2) Skin or wound disinfection, or wash the wound.
3) Surgical instruments disinfection. Soak disinfection storage devices.
4) The disinfection burn or scald.
5) Rooms, furniture and other disinfection.
6) For pharyngeal buccal inflammation and oral ulcer effectively.

25kg per fiber drum
7mt per 20ft container.

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      Chlorhexidine acetate CAS 56-95-1
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