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Tributyl phosphate TBP CAS 126-73-8
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Tributyl phosphate TBP (CAS 126-73-8), known commonly as TBP, is an organophosphorus compound with the chemical formula (CH3CH2CH2CH2O)3PO. This colourless, odorless liquid finds some applications as an extractant, a plasticizer, solvent, rare earth metal separation with agent and organic intermediates. 

Specification of Tributyl phosphate TBP

Acid Value, mg KOH/g      ≤0.02

Moisture (H2O), %           ≤0.05
Density(20℃), g/ml          0.9729--0.978
Content, %                      ≥99.60

Application of Tributyl phosphate TBP

1)  Tributyl phosphate TBP is a solvent and plasticizer for cellulose esters such as nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate. It forms stable hydrophobic complexes with some metals; these complexes are soluble in organic solvents as well as supercritical CO2.

2)  The major uses of Tributyl phosphate TBP in industry are as a component of aircraft hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, and as a solvent for extraction and purification of rare earth metals from their ores.

3)  Tributyl phosphate TBP finds its use as a solvent in inks, synthetic resins, gums, adhesives (namely for veneer plywood) and herbicide and fungicide concentrates.

4)  As it has no odour, it finds use as anti-foaming agent in detergent solutions, and in various emulsions, paints, and adhesives.

5)  Tributyl phosphate TBP is also found as a defoamer in ethylene glycol-borax antifreeze solutions. In oil-based lubricants addition of TBP increases the oil film strength. It is used also in mercerizing liquids, where it improves their wetting properties. It is also used as a heat exchange medium.TBP is used in some consumer products such as herbicides and water thinned paints and tinting bases.


200kg iron drum, 16mt per 20ft container

Or 1000kg/IBC drum, 20mt per 20ft container

Storage & Handling

Case of high fever, open flame or contact with oxidants, cause a fire hazard, thermal decomposition produces highly toxic phosphorus oxide fumes.

Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for detailed information on handling and disposal.

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      Tributyl phosphate TBP CAS 126-73-8
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