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Sodium Permanganate 40% CAS 10101-50-5
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Buy Sodium Permanganate 40% CAS 10101-50-5 from TNJ Chemical, China leading CAS 10101-50-5 40% Sodium Permanganate suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Sodium Permanganate 40% CAS 10101-50-5 from China, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

Sodium Permanganate CAS 10101-50-5 is a dark purple solution with strong oxidizing power.

- It is miscible with water, ethanol, ether and liquid chlorine.
- Decompose in alkali.


Appearance                              Purple Red Liquid

Assay%                                    ≥ 40.0
Insoluble matter in water,%       ≤ 0.01
Cl, %                                       ≤ 0.02
PH                                           6.0-8.0
Density, g/cm3                         1.36-1.39


- Sodium Permanganate act as an oxidizing agent, disinfectant, bactericide, oxidation of otoluene sulfonamide to produce saccharine, purification of toluene amide. It is also an antidote of morphine and phosphorus, and organic/pharmaceutical synthetic reactions.

- Sodium permanganate has been used in water treatment and remediation of soil because of it is capable of degrading BTEX, phenols, PAHs, chlorinated ethenes and explosives, and removing hydrogen sulfide.

- Because of the high solubility in water, Sodium permanganate is preferred for applications that require high concentrations of permanganate ion, like etching of plastic parts of printed circuit board.

- Other uses of Sodium Permanganate include metal surface treatment agent and metal cleaning formulation, etc.

- Sodium Permanganate can substitute Potassium Permanganate in applications.


Packaged in high density polyethylene tanks or plastic lined steel drums.

Package options available are 25 kg, 250 kg or 1,250kg net


Tightly closed to prevent from leaking, avoid rain and sunlight, far from fire and heat source.

Stored in cool and ventilating places.
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      Sodium Permanganate 40% CAS 10101-50-5
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