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N-Propanol/Propyl Alcohol CAS 71-23-8
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Where to Buy N-Propanol/Propyl Alcohol 99.5% CAS 71-23-8 from TNJ Chemical, China leading N-Propanol/Propyl Alcohol CAS 71-23-8 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy N-Propanol/Propyl Alcohol CAS 71-23-8, please mail to [email protected]



Purity                               99.5% min

Water content                      0.1% max

Color APHA                      10 max

Acidity (As CH3COOH) wt%   0.01% max



1. It can be used as chromatographic analysis reagents, solvents and cleaning agents.

2. It can be used as extraction solvent; 

3. Propanol can be directly used as a solvent or synthesis of propanol acetate, being used for painting solvent, printing ink, cosmetics, etc., used in the production of the intermediates of medicine and pesticide, propylamine; used in the production of feed additives and synthetic spices, etc. Propanol, in the pharmaceutical industry, can be used for the production of probenecid, valproate, erythromycin, valpromide, adhesive haemostatic BCA, thiamine propyl sulfur, 2, 5-pyridine 2 formic acid dipropyl ester; the ester synthesized from propanol can be used in food additives, plasticizer, spices and many aspects; the derivatives of propanol, especially di-n-propylamine has many applications in medicine and pesticide production, being used for producing pesticide Oryzalin, EPTC, isopropalin, vernolate, nitralin, and trifluralin, etc. 

4. It can be used as a solvent, and can be used as substitute of ethanol of lower boiling point in many cases.  

5. It can be used as the solvents and cleaning agents of plant oils, natural rubber, resin, and cellulose ester. It can be applied to organic synthesis as standard reference for gas chromatographic analysis.



165kg drum , 20FCL=13.2mt , 40FCL=25.08mt 

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      N-Propanol/Propyl Alcohol CAS 71-23-8
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