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Malononitrile 99.5% CAS 109-77-3 suppliers
Malononitrile 99.5% CAS 109-77-3
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    200kg/drum 1000kg/IBC
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Malononitrile is a white powder or colorless, odorless crystalline substance.

Malononitrile may polymerize violently on prolonged heating at 130°C or at lower temperatures on contact with strong bases.


Assay         99.5%min.

Water         0.3%max

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Malononitrile is an important building block for the syntheses of pharmaceuticals (e.g. triamterene, adenine and methotrexate), thiamin (vitamin B1), pesticides dyestuffs for color photography and synthetic fibers (e.g. vinylidene cyanide).


50kg/iron drum, or as per customer request.

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      Malononitrile 99.5% CAS 109-77-3
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