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Lactic acid CAS 50-21-5
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    Food & Pharma
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    25kg/drum or 250kg/drum
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Lactic acid CAS 50-21-5 is an alpha hydroxy acid, an organic compound with the formula CH3CH(OH)CO2H. It is a white, water-soluble solid or clear liquid,having a mild acid odor and taste. It is found in muscle tissue and blood and is an intermediate in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Lactic acid is also used as an acidifying agent. Lactic acid is produced from natural corn starch by advanced bio-fermentation and refining technology.


Lactic acid 80% food grade

Appearance                      Yellowish liquid
Assay                               80%min.
Heavy metals(as Pb)         0.001%max
Iron                                 0.001%max
Arsenic                            0.0003%max
Chloride                           0.2%max
Sulfated ash                     0.1%max
Residue on Ignition          0.1%max
Sugar                              Confirms with food grade

Lactic acid pharma grade

Content                           85-90%
chloride                           ≤0.002%
sulphate                          ≤0.01%
iron                                 ≤0.001%
residualon ignition           ≤0.1%
heavy metal                    ≤0.001%
arsenate                         ≤0.0001%

free carbonizing               no brown color at interface

Lactic acid powder
Appearance                      White powder
Assay(lactic acid)              58%-62%
Assay (calcium lactate)     35%-39%
Assay(silicon dioxide)       0-3%
Water solution                 ≤2.0%
Heavy metal total            ≤0.001%
Sulphate                         ≤0.02%
Chloride                          ≤0.002%
Iron                                ≤0.005%
Arsenic                           ≤0.0001%


- Lactic acid can be used as acidulant, flavoring agent and pH regulator in beverages, meat, sourdough,salads and dressings, confectionery and pickled vegetables. It also can maintain acid-base balance in animals to enhance animal immunity.
- It can also used in chemical industry, textile, leather, tobacco, oil and medicine etc.


25kg/plastic drum or 250kg/plastic drum, or as per customer request.

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      Lactic acid CAS 50-21-5
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