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Tannic acid Tannin CAS 1401-55-4

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Tannic acid Tannin CAS 1401-55-4 is a light yellow granular powder specially purified for food applications. This product is a 100% natural material extracted from renewable plant materials such as Oak wood. Tannic acid is a specific commercial form of tannin, a type of polyphenol. Tannic acid can be used in pharmaceutical,food and industrial field.


 Composition  High molecular weight hydrolysable tannic acid 
 Appearance  Light yellow granular powder 
 Odor  Practically odorless 
 Taste  Neutral / slight astringent taste 
 Density  0.35 -0.45 g/cm3
 Purity  92%min. (on dry material – HPLC) 
 Gallic acid   0.1%max.  (HPLC)
 Heavy metals  20 ppm max. (FCCIV)
 Ash Content  0.01 % max.
 Moisture  7 %  max.
 Color Gardner  6 (1:10; alcohol)
 Solubility  Clear in water
 pH  3.5 – 4.5  (1% in water) 


Medicinal, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic
Mainly used as an ingredient in some ointments and suppositories for treating hemorrhoids and in some burn lotions.
Food industry
Tannic acid is used in clarifying alcoholic beverages (especially beer and wines). It is also used as a flavor ingredient
in most major categories of foods, including alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, frozen dairy desserts, candy, baked
goods, gelatins and puddings, and meat and meat products. Highest average maximum use level is about 0.018%
(182 ppm) reported in frozen dairy desserts.
Industrial field
as mud treatment agent in petroleum industry. In addition, can be used in the production of leather tanning agent,
mordant, rubber curing agent, agent of proteins, alkaloids precipitation agent, mineral inhibitor, wine clarifying agent,
the extraction of germanium and the configuration of the blue-black ink, etc.

25kg bag or 25kg fiber drum.
12mt(25kg bag) /20ft container,9mt(25kg fiber drum)/20ft container.

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      Tannic acid Tannin CAS 1401-55-4
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