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Disodium Copper EDTA
Disodium Copper EDTA CAS 39208-15-6

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Disodium Copper EDTA CAS 39208-15-6 is blue crystalline powder and soluble in water, easily lose crystal water when heated. Metal exists in chelated form.


Appearance                   Blue Microcrystal powder
Chelated Cu %              15  (+/- 0.5) min
PH(10g/L, 25℃)             6.0-7.0
Heavy metal as Pb %    0.001 max
Cd%                              0.001 max
As%                               0.0002 max
Matter insoluble %        0.1%


EDTA Cu Na2 is used for the trace elements in agriculture, as a colorant in the food industry, food additive.


PP bag, lined with polyethylene bag ,N.W. 25Kg/bag Or as per customer requirement.


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      Disodium Copper EDTA CAS 39208-15-6
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