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Glyceryl tributyrate Tributyrin CAS 60-01-5
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Buy Glyceryl tributyrate Tributyrin 90% 95% CAS 60-01-5 feed grade from TNJ Chemical, China leading Glyceryl tributyrate Tributyrin suppliers, factory & manufacturers from China. If you want to buy Glyceryl tributyrate Tributyrin CAS 60-01-5, please mail to [email protected]



Yellow to colorless oily liquid with bitter taste.

Features and uses 

Tributyric acid glyceride is made from one molecule of glycerol and three molecules of butyrate. 1. Full stomach: 100% stomach, no waste. 

2. Fast energy supply: The product is slowly released into butyric acid under the action of intestinal lipase, which is a short-chain fatty acid, which quickly provides energy for intestinal mucosal cells and promotes rapid growth and development. 

3. Mucosal protection: The development and maturity of the intestinal mucosa is a key factor restricting the rapid growth of young animals. The product is evenly absorbed in the intestine, effectively repairs intestinal mucosal damage, and protects the intestinal mucosa. 

4. Sterilization: Prevent diarrhea and ileitis, improve the animal's ability to resist disease and stress, and alleviate various stress losses. 

5. Promote lactation: increase feed intake of female animals, promote lactation of female animals, and improve milk quality. 

6. Long and tidy: Promote feeding of weaned young animals, increase nutrient absorption, protect young animals, and reduce mortality. 

7, safe to use: improve animal production performance, is the best alternative to antibiotic growth promoters. 

8, high cost performance: compared with sodium butyrate, the speed can increase the effectiveness of butyric acid 3 times. 

Applicable objects

Pigs, chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, etc. 

Recommended dosage

Addition amount per ton of full-price feed: 

pig:  1000-3000 g; 

chicken and duck: 300-800 g; 

cattle: 2500-3500 g; 

sheep: 1500-3000 g; 

rabbit: 2500 g.


200kg/drum, 80 drums per 20feet container

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      Glyceryl tributyrate Tributyrin CAS 60-01-5
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