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Gamma-Nonanolactone CAS 104-61-0
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Buy Gamma-Nonanolactone CAS 104-61-0, a chemical intermediate for food application from TNJ Chemical, China leading Gamma-Nonanolactone suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Gamma-Nonanolactone , please mail to [email protected]


Gamma-Nonanolactone, commonly known as 18 aldehydes, coconut aldehyde, the chemical name for gamma-nonyl ester, is a pale yellow or colorless oily liquid. Thick coconut flavor, dilute with almonds or Peach flavor, can be used to require the smell of oil flavors and lots of seasoning flavors, such as coconut and almond extract.


Apperance                                        Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Odor                                                 Like coconut aroma
Refractive Index,20°C                       1.4460-1.4500
Relative density,25/25°C                   0.958-0.966
Acid value                                         ≤2.0
Purity                                               ≥98.0%
Solubility,25°C                                  1 ml total soluble in 60% (V/V) ethanol 5 ml


A) Mainly used in the preparation of peach, cherry, coconut, almond, milk, milk fat flavor food flavor.

B) Gamma-nonyl ester can be used in the preparation of fruit-flavor beverage flavors, such as coconut flavor, bitter almond, senior         cosmetics is also used as a flavoring with spices. Is also a raw material for organic synthesis.




Kept in cool and dry place.

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      Gamma-Nonanolactone CAS 104-61-0
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