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Ferrous lactate CAS 5905-52-2
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    200kg/drum 16MT/FCL
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Buy Ferrous lactate CAS 5905-52-2 at wholesale price, a food emulsifier and flavor enhancer, from TNJ Chemical, leading Ferrous lactate suppliers & manufacturers from China. If you want to buy Ferrous lactate CAS 5905-52-2, please mail to [email protected]



Ferrous lactate is a yellowish green crystalline powder. The isomer is two hydrate, and the isomer is three hydrate. Slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ether. Its 1:50 aqueous solution, pH, was 5-6.


As a nutritional supplement (iron fortifier), food additives, widely used in food, beverages, dairy products, salt, nutrient solution, drugs and so on.


25kg per fiber drum

9mt per 20ft container.
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      Ferrous lactate CAS 5905-52-2
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