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Dipropylene glycol DPG CAS 25265-71-8

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Dipropylene glycol CAS 25265-71-8 is a mixture of three isomeric chemical compounds, 4-oxa-2,6-heptandiol, 2-(2-hydroxy-propoxy)-propan-1-ol, and 2-(2-hydroxy-1-methyl-ethoxy)-propan-1-ol. It is a colorless, nearly odorless liquid with a high boiling point and low toxicity.


Appearance               Clear colorless viscous liquid

Density (20℃)          1.020-1.026
Acidity, %                 0.0075 Max
Moisture, %              0.2 Max
Residue, %               0.008 Max
Color (Pt-Co)            10 Max
Content, %               99.5Min
Chloride, ppm           5 Max
Index of refraction    1.436-1.440


Dipropylene glycol finds many uses as a plasticizer, an intermediate in industrial chemical reactions, as a polymerization initiator or monomer, and as a solvent. Its low toxicity and solvent properties make it an ideal additive for perfumes and skin and hair care products. It is also a common ingredient in commercial fog fluid, used in entertainment industry fog machines.


210kgs galvanized iron drums,16.8tons/20’fcl.

In flexitank,  21tons/20’fcl.
In IBC drums,  20tons/20’fcl.
In ISO tank,  23tons/20’fcl.

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      Dipropylene glycol DPG CAS 25265-71-8
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