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Diacetin/Glycerol diacetate/CAS 25395-31-7 suppliers
Diacetin/Glycerol diacetate/CAS 25395-31-7
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Colourless,odorless,oily liquid,slightly soluble in water,easily soluble in alcohol,aether and other organic solvent.



acetin %                         5.~12

diacetin %                      45.~55

triacetin %                     40~45.0

Density(25/25℃)            1.164~1.184

Chroma (Pt-Co) NO.        ≤50

Free acid (acetic acid) % ≤1

Moisture %W/W             ≤0.5

As %                             ≤0.0003

Heavy metals (Pb) %      ≤0.0005



Widely applied to the pharmaceutical industry, food emulsifier, cement additive, resin curing agent, solvent, plasticizer, softener and solvent of basic dye.



Normal chemicals, packed in metal pail.It should be sealed and keet in cool and dry place, avoid heat, moisture,insolation and rain.

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      Diacetin/Glycerol diacetate/CAS 25395-31-7
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